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Just as a face, the back of the hands also presents signs of skin ageing as one gets older. Skin ageing is a natural process wherein there is a gradual breakdown of the natural substances- collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Collagen and elastin are the two skin structural proteins that make the skin firm and elastic. Hyaluronic acid can retain moisture and provide skin with the required hydration and plumpness.

With ageing, there is a decline in the skin’s natural substances that leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of volume. Thankfully, dermal fillers treatment in Bangalore at Charma Clinic can help make the skin youthful again. If the concern is your ageing hands, the worthy solution to it is hand fillers.

What are Hand Fillers?

Hand fillers are soft tissue/dermal fillers designed to replenish volume in the back of the aged hands. They are very popular, non-invasive, cosmetic treatments for one aspect of hand rejuvenation- the loss of volume that occurs with ageing.

Why get Hand Fillers?

Most people pay detailed attention to their facial appearance and forget their hands' age does not match with age displayed by the face. If seeking a youthful, aesthetic facial look, other high-profile body sites like hands revealing signs of ageing must not be neglected. To avoid detraction of the hand appearance from the aesthetic facial features, many men and women opt for hand fillers in Bangalore at Charma Clinic.

With hand fillers, one can combat a bony, gaunt, or wrinkling appearance of the back of the hands. The hand fillers reverse the clock on the appearance of the hands, by disguising the increased prominence of bones, tendons, and veins.

Benefits of Undergoing Hand Fillers Treatment

  • With hand fillers placed by aesthetic experts in specific areas of the hand, one can achieve a lusher, plumper, softer, and rejuvenated hands.As hands are visible just as face, receiving hand fillers on aged hands can boost one’s confidence as one would no longer feel conscious of one’s appearance.
  • One would no longer have to hide their aged hands at their back or wear gloves while taking pictures of their upper body profile.  
  • There is very little to no downtime required for hand filler treatment.
  • The treatment is pain-free and safe. If a large bolus technique is chosen, there are fewer entry points so less pain and bruising.  
  • Hand filler treatment is very convenient and straightforward, so anyone can easily accommodate it in their schedule. The procedure can be swiftly done in minutes.  
  • The results are immediately visible.

Ideal Candidates for Hand Fillers

  • People who have thin, crepey skin on their hands which makes them look older than their actual age.
  • Anyone who wants to try matching the look of their hands to their aesthetic, youthful facial appearance.
  • Healthy individuals who do not have any underlying medical conditions that interfere with the treatment outcome and recovery process.
  • Those who don’t smoke, excessively consume alcohol or blood-thinning drugs.
  • Men and women without any serious ageing concerns that only surgical procedures can best address.
  • People with healthy, damage-free skin who are not allergic to filler product ingredients.
  • Women who are not pregnant or lactating.

How to prepare for hand filler treatment?

There is no special preparation required for the skin or hands before receiving a hand filler injection. The pre-treatment instructions include:

  • Avoid alcohol intake for 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Do not take blood-thinning medications or supplements before the treatment as these can encourage swelling and bruising post-treatment.

What happens during a hand filler injection appointment?

  1. The overall procedure of hand filler treatment depends upon the injector and the filler product used. Firstly, the hand(s) to be treated is properly cleaned with disinfectant and then a numbing cream is applied. Then the hand filler, particularly hyaluronic acid, is expertly placed into the back of the hand. One can get hand rejuvenation treatment in Bangalore with dermatologist Dr. Rajdeep Mysore. 
  2. There are different techniques to perform hand filler treatment. The most popular one is the larger bolus method wherein a syringe is used to precisely inject the filler into the ageing areas of the hands. This technique may involve 2 to 5 injection sites.
  3. Another technique involves the use of a blunt cannula. The cannula is introduced from 1-2 entry points after local anaesthesia is injected. Through the cannula, the dermal filler bio stimulator is injected into the skin of the back of the hands.
  4. There is also a small bolus technique wherein multiple small boluses of filler are administered over the entire back of the hands in 6 or more entry points.
  5. After injecting the filler, a proper massage is required for the creation of a smooth and consistent effect. A large bolus technique would need more massage afterward than a small bolus technique.

Consult Dr. Rajdeep Mysore for more detail on ageing hands treatment in Bangalore.


  • Avoid drinking alcohol in the next 24 hours of undergoing hand filler treatment.
  • Do not apply make-up on the treated hands or expose them to sweat, bacteria, sunlight, or hot conditions of the gym, sauna, or steam rooms for at least 24 hours. Also, avoid swimming during that time. This precaution is a must to avoid the risk of swelling and infection at the injection site.
  • Keep hands clean at all times. Avoid washing hands with hot water or taking hot showers for at least 1-2 days.
  • Go for a follow-up after 1-2 weeks of the treatment to check the progress of healing of the hands and review the results. If needed, get a touch-up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hand Fillers

When can I expect to see the results of hand filler treatment?

The results of hand filler treatment are straightaway noticed. This means you can expect to see an immediate improvement in the skin on the back of your hands. You may continue to enjoy the benefits of hand filler injections as over time there is fresh collagen synthesis in treated areas of the hands.

How long do hand fillers last?

The longevity effects of using hand fillers vary based on the type and quantity of filler used and the severity of ageing of the back of the hands. It even depends upon the quality of the treatment and the skincare routine followed by the candidate. Typically, people require hand fillers every 6 months to 2 years. As the hand filler eventually gets broken down and naturally eliminated from the body, the time for which hand filler would last can even depend upon how quickly one’s body metabolises the filler.  

At what age can I start undergoing hand filler treatment?

There is no specific age; it depends upon how aged your hands appear. Hand fillers are injected when there is poor skin volume. Usually, people who are aged in their late 20s to 40s start receiving hand fillers in the back of their hands. 

Is the treatment with hand fillers painful?

Injecting soft tissue fillers into the back of the hands causes minimal to no discomfort. Before a hand filler treatment, the provider may apply or inject a local anaesthetic to numb the back of the hands so that there is zero pain or discomfort when the filler is injected. After receiving hand fillers, the back of the hands will feel a bit tighter.

Are there any side effects of hand filler injections?

The usual side effects of hand fillers include slight swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness. All of which are short-lived. The serious, rarely-occurring side effects include inflammation, infection, bleeding, and necrosis. Hand filler injections are safe if the treatment is performed by skilled hands in only suitable candidates.  
How much dermal filler/skin booster is used in the hands?

The answer to this varies depending upon how aged the hands are, to begin with, and how youthful one wants his/her hands to look. The amount needed for noticeable improvement in most cases is 1mL to 3mL per hand. If there is the use of a skin booster, usually 2mL per hand is advised. The amount of hand filler required will even depend upon the type of filler used.
What is the cost of hand filler injections?

The cost of hand rejuvenation treatment in Bangalore mainly depends upon the amount of hand filler being used, the type of filler being used, and whether one or both hands are being treated. Other cost-determining factors are the provider’s skill and expertise and the location where treatment is being performed. 

For comprehensive hand filler treatments in Bangalore, reach out to the experts at Charma Clinic. Their skilled professionals can provide you with detailed information and personalised solutions.

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