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Over the years, human skin is exposed to various air pollutants including ultraviolet radiations, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxides. All these have a considerable effect on the skin which results in various skin problems or concerns.

Medifacials can act as a quick fix solution for the people who desire to have healthier and youthful-looking skin without any complications or downtime. They can opt for clinically proven, medifacial treatments in Bangalore performed at Charma Clinic. These facial treatments are tailored as per individual needs to provide maximum benefits. 


Medifacials are the best way for skin rejuvenation as they can perforate in the deeper layers of the skin, thereby providing a better, long-lasting effect in comparison to salon facials. At Charma Clinic there are different types of medifacials treatment in Bangalore, JP Nagar available Diamond Facial being the most popular one that helps make the skin clear, soft, smooth, and radiant.


What is a Diamond Facial?

The use of diamonds is not only restricted to exquisite pieces of jewelry, it can also benefit the skin's appearance. Diamond Facials are known to provide impressive exfoliation and stimulation of blood circulation to the face. It is one of the most luxurious skin treatments that is trending nowadays. This facial can help eradicate the upper layer of unwanted dead skin cells, dirt or debris, and excess oil instantly to reveal a jewel-like, glowing skin tone. 


Diamond Facial is a non-surgical, mechanical procedure that is effective for people struggling with concerns like:

  • Sun-damaged skin.
  • Acne flare-ups and scarring.
  • Fine lines and mild wrinkles.
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Non-inflamed closed comedones (or whiteheads).
  • Uneven skin tone and complexion.


How long does the treatment take?
It is a quick fix procedure (taking about 30-45 minutes). A diamond facial comprises skin-friendly ingredients that do not cause any harm to the skin. So, there’s no downtime associated. One can get this treatment done during the lunch hour and immediately return to their daily routine. 


What are the steps involved in the Diamond Facial procedure? 

  • Firstly, the face is thoroughly cleansed and a gentle massage is given to improve blood circulation, and a 15 minutes’ steam to open the skin pores. 
  • Next, the actual treatment begins i.e. gentle exfoliation of the superficial dull and dead skin with a diamond-tipped microdermabrador (a diamond-tipped handpiece). 
  • After the dead skin starts to fall off, the skin is hydrated with a water jet which also causes some micro-dermabrasion. The microdermabrasion technique also promotes the growth of new skin cells and the renewal of the collagen and elastin fibers. 
  • As soon as the skin exfoliation is over, vacuum suction is used to remove the dead skin cells. 
  • Lastly, a post-treatment cream having active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, or growth factors is applied to the treated area to boost the results. Some redness and swelling may appear after the facial which will subside by using cold compresses. 


At Charma Clinic, the treatment is also customized to target the patient's specific skin concerns. Dr. Rajdeep Mysore, a renowned skin doctor at Charma Clinic, makes sure that the patient achieves desired results.


Key benefits of Diamond Facial

  • It rejuvenates the dull, dehydrated, dry skin and provides fresh, glowing skin 
  • It is a pain-free, relaxing treatment acting as a stress-reliever.
  • It can help reduce the appearance of skin concerns like acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.
  • It can effectively treat tanned skin, brown spots, and uneven skin tone. 
  • It can fade the appearance of blotchy skin, stretch marks, and freckles.
  • It can cleanse and revitalize the facial skin and décolleté.
  • It is a quick and pleasant skin treatment without any side effects. 
  • It is a safe and effective procedure that is perfromed by a certified dermatologists, a licensed cosmetic doctor, or aesthetician.
  • It can be used for all skin types and people of all ages.
  • Special medical facials containing antioxidants can encourage the reinforcement of the skin’s protective barrier.


Combination skin treatments with Diamond Medifacials

Often, diamond facial is conducted to pamper the skin of the client along with other procedures like mesotherapy, microneedling, or laser to give longer-lasting results.


1. Diamond Facial with Mesotherapy
In this combination treatment, the skin epidermis first undergoes mechanical abrasion with the diamond heads that may differ in the diameter of the tip and the diameter of the diamond grains according to the depth required for exfoliation of the superficial skin. The facial also includes the use of moisturizing cream and a ready face mask or a face mask customized according to the client's needs.  


After exfoliation by diamond microdermabrasion, the underlying new, refreshing skin is exposed. The skin appearance can be further enhanced by using a device called Dermapen that delivers high-end mesotherapy products to the skin. The components used for mesotherapy include lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, some vitamins, hormones, enzymes, and growth factors deep into the skin layers (i.e. in the middle dermis) to keep the skin well-hydrated, tightened, and shiny. It can also treat underlying problems such as poor blood circulation and swelling that cause extensive skin damage. If the client wishes to maintain the results of this procedure, skin rejuvenation can be carried out after 2 to 4 weeks for about 6-8 sessions. 



  • It provides instant results with enhanced luminance and softness of the skin. 
  • It helps improve the skin tone.
  • It tightens the loose facial skin by enhancing the production of new collagen and elastin, thereby making the skin elastic and flexible. 
  • It is a suitable procedure for all skin types.


Diamond Facial with Microneedling
In the beauty world, minimally-invasive skin treatments like microdermabrasion using a diamond tip and microneedling have gained a lot of popularity because of the high reward and low risks. Diamond facial involves the use of a microdermabrador device with a diamond tip that is rubbed gently over the facial skin to get rid of superficial skin debris, dirt, excess sebum, and dead skin cells. Other than skin exfoliation, it also stimulates the skin to produce new superficial collagen. Here, diamond acts like sandpaper on the skin surface.


To achieve long-lasting results, after the diamond facial, clients may go for microneedling. In this procedure, several fine needles affixed to a device are injected into the skin to create microscopic holes. As there are micro-injuries formed in the skin, it leads to a natural wound healing process that boosts the production of collagen fibers. 



  • Addresses uneven skin tone and rough texture
  • Minimizes age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots
  • Reduces melasma and other pigmentation concerns
  • Reduces the appearance of dark acne marks
  • Suitable for people of any skin color
  • The treatment strips away the dead skin and impurities making the skin look brighter and rejuvenated.

Why choose this treatment?

The treatment is gentle, reduces superficial skin damage, and restores a refreshed and youthful complexion. This medical facial is also well regarded for its speed and just after one single session the skin looks revitalized with a visible reduction of acne, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. If one suffers from superficial scarring, oily skin, congestion, congested pores, pigmentation, dry skin, this medifacial can drastically reduce these complaints and help uncover healthy skin cells. 


After the treatment one may experience swelling, redness, or a tingling sensation. This is temporary and usually subsides a few hours after the treatment. Dr. Rajdeep recommends getting 4-6 sessions of medifacial treatment at an interval of 2-3 weeks for maximum benefit. After that one can get maintenance sessions once in 6 months or a year. Due to the incredible results, patients often want to continue having treatments.


Advice following Medifacial treatments

  • Avoid saunas, and hot baths until the redness subsides.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink enough water.
  • Make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean when touching your face post-procedure. Use a non-irritant cleanser to cleanse the face following the treatment.
  • It is advised that makeup must not be applied for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Avoid intensive sunlight exposure for at least 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Apply sunscreen religiously. Also, apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin.
  • The treatment helps encourage the growth of new skin cells, promotes new collagen production. The diligent skincare, following a healthy lifestyle and regular maintenance of skin, and taking follow-up sessions can help maintain optimum results just after the treatment.


To know more about medifacials treatment in Bangalore, JP Nagar schedule an appointment with Dr. Rajdeep Mysore at Charma Clinic.

Medifacials Treatment in Bangalore
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