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Hair fall/loss is the most common concern among people nowadays and its cases are increasing daily due to the highly stressful and demanding lifestyle of individuals in today’s time. Unfortunately, people suffering from pattern hair loss have been experiencing significant psychological morbidity and impaired quality of life.

Thankfully, there are many non-surgical treatments available such as hair-growth stimulating medications, hair mesotherapy, and P-R-P hair therapy. But none of them are optimally effective. A next-generation hair loss therapy in Bangalore offered at Charma Clinic that has proven to be very effective in the treatment of hair loss in both males and females is the GFC treatment.

Looking for the best clinic offering GFC treatment in Bangalore? Charma Clinic has experts in performing GFC treatment. It has qualified dermatologists who provide professional guidance on how to manage hair fall and encourage hair growth.

What is GFC treatment?

Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) Therapy is a breakthrough hair fall/loss treatment in Bangalore. It involves injecting a concentrate of natural growth factors, derived from the patient’s own blood plate-lets, right into the hair root, to treat hair fall. The concentrate is prepared using Wockhardt’s GFC therapy kit. This therapy is performed by a dermatologist as a stand-alone therapy, an add-on treatment, or to enhance the results and improve healing of sites where hair has been transplanted.

At Charma Clinic, GFC treatment in Bangalore is provided and it has helped many people to overcome baldness and hair loss concerns. 

How does GFC work?

Growth Factor Concentrate is a pure, highly concentrated preparation of growth factors, derived from a patient’s blood. The various growth factors present in the GFC preparation and their roles are as follows:

  • Plat-elet-derived growth Factor (PDGF)- It stimulates hair growth and mesenchymal st-em cells.

  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)- It stimulates angiogenesis- the production of new blood vessels around the hair root.
  • Ins-ulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)- It helps increase hair growth and maintains the growth of hair from the hair follicles.
  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)- It stimulates angiogenesis around the hair root as well as hair growth.

All of these growth factors function in tissue regeneration and repair as well as st-em cell migration, differentiation, and proliferation.

How is GFC treatment performed?

GFC hair fall treatment in Bangalore involves the following procedural steps:

  1. Collection of the patient’s blood: Blood is withdrawn from the patient’s left arm using a sterile syringe and collected in 4 vacutainers provided in the GFC therapy kit. Each vacutainer in the pack is filled with 4mL of blood.
  2. Activation of the blood platelets: All of the vacutainers filled with blood are gently inverted 6 to 10 times and then kept upright and undisturbed for about half an hour. This step allows Wockhardt’s proprietary chemical activator to help activate the blood platelets.
  3. Separation of GFC: The vacutainers are placed in the centrifuge machine diagonally opposite to one another to ensure their counterbalance. The machine is set at 3400 rpm and 10 minutes to spin the vacutainers and separate the blood components. After centrifugation, the growth factors get separated at the top of the vacutainers while the blood cells settle beneath.
  4. Collection of GFC and preparation of GFC injection: Each of the vacutainers is inverted to allow GFC to be collected at their caps. To collect the GFC, a needle is inserted into the cap, and a maximum of growth factors are taken into the injections. The final GFC output colour ranges from yellow to orange or light brown.  
  5. Application of GFC injection: The prepared GFC injections are now ready to be administered into the targeted areas of the scalp.  

For more details get in touch with a hair fall doctor in Bangalore at Charma Clinic.

Result, Recovery, and Aftercare

The exact outcome of GFC hair regrowth treatment in Bangalore may vary among patients. In general, the patients report seeing an improvement in hair growth after a few GFC therapy sessions. Desired results are noticeable after a few months.

After undergoing GFC therapy, there are no specific activity restrictions to be followed by the patient. The patients can resume their normal routine activities soon and take showers and shampoo/condition their hair after several hours after the treatment. The hair products should be applied as suggested by the dermatologist. The patients must avoid touching or combing hair or scalp for a day. They must refrain from strenuous workouts or activities that cause sweating for approximately 4 days. The intake or application of prescription medications must be done as directed by the dermatologist.   

Good candidates for GFC Treatment

Our team of best dermatologist in Bangalore at Charma Clinic recommend GFC treatment to:

  • anyone suffering from hair loss or pattern baldness

  • healthy individuals aged above 18 years
  • people holding realistic expectations from the treatment.

To confirm candidacy for GFC hair fall control treatment in Bangalore, it is essential to consult a dermatologist at Charma Clinic. The dermatologist will diagnose the scalp and then suggest appropriate hair loss treatment options.

 Benefits of GFC therapy

  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Rejuvenates hair follicles
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Strengthens hair shaft
  • Improves hair thickness and volume
  • GFC-prepared injections have excellent stability (about 8 hours at room temperature and for a week when refrigerated at 4°C)
  • A safe hair loss solution having a simple protocol and minimal operation-dependent variation
  • A completely acellular therapy, having reduced chances of pain and inflammation
  • A well-tolerated, non-surgical treatment with minimal side effects
  • A lunch-time therapy, convenient for the hair loss patients
  • Optimal results are achieved in a few sessions
  • Guaranteed quality from the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many GFC treatment sessions are required?

The promising, optimal results of GFC treatment are achievable with multiple treatment sessions. The exact number of sittings needed may vary from one patient to another depending upon the patient's condition and extent of hair problem/hair loss. Typically, the GFC treatment for hair loss is performed in gaps of several weeks to allow every targeted hair follicle to grow hair naturally. At Charma Clinic, we recommend 3 sessions of an hour or longer, every month to get optimal results. In some cases, we recommend the use of one GFC therapy kit in a single sitting for a patient every 4-6 months and the entire therapy to be repeated every year for maintenance.  

2. How safe is GFC treatment?

GFC hair loss treatment in Bangalore is a safe therapy when performed by a highly skilled and experienced dermatologist on a suitable candidate. As the patient’s blood is taken for the treatment and the procedure involves the use of pure GFC-prepared injections, there are no side effects like allergy, bleeding, infection, or other serious side effects. Patients can expect to experience mild tenderness, inflammation, numbness, or redness/pinkness at the injection sites, which usually subsides in a few hours after the treatment.

 3. How effective is GFC treatment in hair growth?

As GFC treatment involves the use of uncontaminated high concentration of natural growth factor and there is no loss of blood platelets during GFC injection preparation, it is an effective hair loss therapy than other non-surgical alternatives. It works to naturally regenerate the damaged tissues and encourage healthy hair growth.

4. Is GFC treatment painful?

GFC treatment is minimally invasive, a virtually pain-free procedure.

5. What is the cost of GFC treatment?

The price of GFC treatment in Bangalore varies for every patient seeking the therapy. It depends upon several factors including the experience and expertise of the dermatologist, the reputation and geographical location of the clinic chosen, the quality of the equipment used in the therapy, the price of the GFC therapy kit, and the number of therapy sessions.

To know the exact cost of GFC treatment in Bangalore in your case, you can get in touch with the best dermatologist at Charma Clinic.

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