Scabies and Worm Infestations

Human Skin Parasite Infections

Skin is always exposed to the environment and so is a common entry portal for different parasites. The infestation of parasites can cause systemic human diseases but often it causes cutaneous lesions. Parasitic infections on the human skin are usually caused by small insects or worms that burrow into the skin to reside there or lay their eggs. Such infections cause a skin rash or intense itching.

These are seen as common dermatologist concerns due to the increase in travel and immigration. If one is suffering from parasitic skin infections in Bangalore, they can get it treated with the skin expert Dr. Rajdeep Mysore at Charma Clinic.

Scabies Treatment in Bangalore

What is Scabies?

Scabies is a parasitic infection on human skin caused by a tiny insect (mite) called Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. It is a highly contagious skin infection often passing from an infected person to a healthy person via close, personal contact, usually skin-to-skin contact. Cases of Scabies have been found across the globe but mostly in low-income tropical areas. The risk of having Scabies is more prevalent among children and older people residing in resource-poor areas. Mostly, the infected individuals have 10-15 mites. Immunocompromised patients with Scabies may develop Norwegian or Crusted Scabies- a severe infection caused by thousands or millions of mites

Signs and Symptoms of Scabies

Usually, the symptoms of Scabies appear after 4 to 6 weeks of infestation on the skin.  Sometimes, there are noticeable signs before symptoms begin to show up. The symptoms of scabies include:

  • Papules (red, raised bumps), pimples, skin blisters, or brown nodules
  • Itchy linear burrows on the skin of the wrists, fingers, legs, belt area, and arms usually with a S or zig-zag pattern
  • Raised bumps on female br-ea-sts or male genitals
  • Intense itching often exacerbates at night and may affect the majority of the body or be limited to certain body sites. The common sites of infestation are wrists, between the fingers, male genitals (penis or scrotum), bends of knees and elbows, armpits, bre-as-ts, bu-tto-cks, waist, and abdomen.  
  • Large skin rashes in infants and small children, including the feet soles, neck, palm of the hands, scalp, and ankles
  • Dry scales on the skin (in severe cases).


Scabies' symptoms are treatable with topical creams or oral medications in more severe cases. These treatments do not kill the parasite's eggs. After starting the treatment, itchiness often worsens for 1-2 weeks post-treatment. Topical products that can be applied to any affected body part include 0.5% mal-ath-ion in aqueous base, 5% permethrin cream, 5-10% sulphur ointment, or 10-25% benzyl benzoate emulsion.

Oral medication is highly effective for treating Scabies. However, it is not safe for use by pregnant women or children weighing under 15 kg.

For treatment of Scabies complications like bacterial skin infections or impetigo, the patients need antibiotics or antiseptics.

If one is suffering from skin itching in bangalore and has a scabies skin issue, they can contact the skin experts at Charma Clinic.

Worm infestations Treatment in Bangalore

What are Worm Infestations?

Worm infestations are the type of parasitic skin infections caused by worms that infect and feed on humans. These can infect the intestines or other body parts. Worms are usually tiny but some can grow too big, more than 2 feet long. Some worms are capable of passing through the skin when they are tiny or young. Worms can also pass on to healthy individuals when eating the meat of an infected animal or when an infected insect bites. Mostly, worms spread through the faecal matter of an infected person or animal.

If one is looking for skin worm infestation treatment in Bangalore, they can contact the skin experts at Charma Clinic.

Types of Parasitic Worm Infestations and Symptoms:

The common symptoms of worm infestation may include:

  • Poor appetite leads to weight loss
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Lack of concentration
  • Itching in the area of infestation, especially at night
  • Stomach upset including diarrhoea
  • Nausea
  • Worms passed out in stools at the time of bowel movement.

Different types of worm infestations and their distinct symptoms are:

  • Tapeworm infection- loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, too frequent eating, or malnutrition
  • Pinworm (threadworm) infection- sleep issues due to itching, itching around the anus, or painful urination
  • Roundworm infection- worms passed out of the body with stools, fever, dry cough, or diarrhoea
  • Hookworm infection- coughing, wheezing, anaemia, or fatigue.

Treatment for Skin Worms in Bangalore

Most types of worm infestations are easily treated with a prescribed course of anti-parasite, anti-worm, or deworming drugs.

To learn more on skin worms and their treatment contact dermatologist or skin worm infestation specialist Bangalore at Charma Clinic.


How long does it take for symptoms of Scabies to appear?

People who have got infested with Scabies for the first time, usually experience symptoms like itching and redness after 2-6 weeks of coming in contact with scabies-infected individuals. However, if people have earlier records of Scabies, symptoms of their second infestation would show up sooner, usually within 1-4 days because previous scabies exposure will result in an allergic reaction.

How long can scabies-affected patients spread the infection?

People having scabies remain contagious until they are treated, even if they do not show any signs or symptoms. The clothes and bedding of such people can also get infested with Scabies mites until they are properly washed or treated. As a result, such people may again get infested with Scabies even if they don’t know that they had come in contact with someone having Scabies.   

Can my pet pass on Scabies to me?

No. Animals' skin can get infested with mites other than those causing scabies. Such mites may cause temporary itching in humans rather than a long-term infestation.

How do doctors diagnose Scabies or worm infestations?

The diagnosis of Scabies (mites) or worm infestations usually is done based on the usual appearance, distribution of the rash, and the existence of burrows.
To confirm the diagnosis, doctors should identify the specific mite or worm, the eggs of the mite or worm, or their faecal matter. This is done by carefully removing the mite or worm from the end of its burrow using a needle tip or by obtaining a skin scraping and visualising it under the microscope. Visualisation may even be done with the help of dermatoscopy. To learn more on scabies and skin worm treatment cost in Bangalore, contact the skin doctors at Charma Clinic.

What should I do to get rid of scabies or prevent it?

Most importantly, skin-to-skin contact of a healthy person with an infected person having an itchy skin rash must be avoided. Towels, clothing, and bedding used by individuals with Scabies should be washed in hot water using proper detergent just 2 days before the treatment of Scabies. After washing these must be dried in a hot dryer. If personal items are non-washable, they should be dry-cleaned or kept in a sealed plastic bag for a week to eliminate mites. As mites usually do not live for more than 2-3 days without their host- the human skin, an individual with Scabies can get rid of Scabies.
In the case of crusted Scabies, the environment where the infected individual lives or stays may be full of a large number of mites. Therefore, it is recommended to vacuum clean the carpets and furniture in the room and throw out the vacuum bags.

What should I do to prevent the recurrence of worm infestations?

Here are some preventive measures you can take:

  • Practise good hygiene such as hand washing with soap before and after cooking, eating, using the toilet, touching animals, or other activities that can cause infections.
  • Ensure proper cooking of food before consumption and drinking of safe and clean water.
  • Keep finger and toe nails short and avoid biting them. If infected, cut and scrub the nails using a brush and soap.
  • Do not walk barefoot.
  • After using the washroom, clean the anus properly to remove any eggs laid by the worms.

If one is looking for skin rashes treatment in Bangalore, contact Dr. Rajdeep Mysore at Charma Clinic. 

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