Acne / pimples

Charma Clinic

Tried everything to treat acne? Meet the best acne removal doctor at Charma Clinic who is a specialist in restoring one's confidence by helping them achieve clear skin. Dermatologists at Charma Clinic also personalize the treatment plan according to patient needs.

Acne Treatment

Acne (also known as pimples or zits) are one of the most common skin problems seen in a dermatology clinic.

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Acne Scar Treatment

Acne or pimples are a common skin problem that several people face once in their lifetime.

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Want to achieve beautiful skin, stronger hair, and enhanced overall appearance?

Charma Clinic

The word Charma means skin in Sanskrit and other Indian languages. Charma was conceptualised in the summer of 2013 as a centre to treat dermatological problems. It was started in Chirag Hospital, a small nursing home in South Bengaluru.

Charma Clinic

Chirag Hospital, 3rd floor, #1635, 17th main, J P Nagar 2nd phase, Bengaluru - 560078

Clinic Timings

Monday to Saturday : 9.30AM to 7.30PM
Sunday : Closed!